I believe that despite the issues that have stalled our city, Garfield Heights is brimming with potential and opportunity.  We have a unique opportunity this election season to boldly stand out and shift the culture of our local government that has existed for decades.

I am the experienced, dedicated and driven lifelong public servant who understands that Elected Officials are here to serve, not to be served.  I have always stood on the belief that “an engaged community is a strong community”! I am running for you! I am running for our community!

And TOGETHER we are #CommunityStrong

Shayla L Davis

Now it is time for me – and the City of Garfield Heights – to do more. The stakes have never been higher. I am dedicated and I pledge to stand up for you and fight for the growth of our City.

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Shayla’s Story

Meet Shayla


Shayla L. Davis is the person to lead the way for the change we need in our city. Make a contribution today to help enact that change in Garfield Heights.


Why I’m Running

My Policy Plan

I’m Running For Mayor, Because I Believe…

We need to create a more transparent government by…

  • Establishing a part-time public relations officer and public affairs officer position whose focus will be on establishing more frequent communication with residents and businesses.

  • Revamping the city website to include more news and events for each department.

  • Pledging to conduct quarterly town hall meetings to hear the concerns of residents.

  • Enhancing accountability in how services are provided to the community.

We need to focus on economic development by…

  • Creating a COVID-19 economic recovery taskforce and plan to help struggling businesses in Garfield Heights post-pandemic.

  • Creating a citywide economic development and marketing plan to highlight Garfield Heights.

  • Establishing a first-time homeowner program to attract individuals to move into Garfield Heights.

  • Collaborating with existing organizations to establish a senior home assistance program to ensure the long-term residents of Garfield Heights can stay in their home.

We need to ensure the safety of the residents of Garfield Heights by…

  • Creating a strategic plan for 21st century policing that focuses on community policing.

  • Hiring additional police officers to protect our streets.

  • Hosting quarterly meetings with the entire public safety force to address questions and concerns.

We need to improve the quality of streets and infrastructure in the City by…

  • Creating a street repaving plan.

  • Identifying additional funding and grants to help improve the infrastructure throughout the City.

  • Closing the gap in the digital divide among seniors and the youth, enhancing consistency in communication for all.

My Track Record

Community Newsletters

I strongly believe it is important for city officials to keep the citizens informed about what is happening in their community. Effective communication helps our community to be more engaged and an engaged community is a strong community. For this reason I have tried to inform the citizens of Ward 4 with newsletters. You can read the full newsletter by clicking on each one below.


I have had the opportunity to help co-sponsor several pieces of legislation which have helped better the community for our citizens. You can read each legislation in its entirety by clicking on the title below.

Ordinance No. 07-2020
A resolution requesting council’s support in urging the residents of the city of Garfield Heights to participate in the 2020 census.

Ordinance No. 20-2020
An emergency resolution declaring racism a public health crisis in the city of Garfield Heights and to recommit our full attention to improving the quality of life for Black and any other marginalized residents in our community.

Ordinance No. 11-2021
A resolution commemorating Reverend Dr. Charles Payne Lucas Jr’s 80th Birthday Celebration.

Ordinance No. 04-2021
An emergency ordinance amending section 113.01(a), posting places, of the codified ordinances of the city of Garfield Heights.

Community Events

One of the great joys I had as a councilwoman was hosting events to bring our community together. Below you will see a list of events. Click on an event for information.

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